Kind Words


Kind Words from my Clients

“We hired Diego to tell stories about artists. What was most amazing was watching how he as an artist engaged and interacted with the subjects of his films.

It was a pleasure to observe how quickly he put camera-shy subjects at ease while he had them in his viewfinder. The process was a pleasure for all involved. The synergy of the work and his heartfelt results resonate at an emotional level.”

Roxanne Valladao, Plumas Arts Executive Director

“We have commissioned Diego for five videos now. It is such a pleasure to work with him. Fast and efficient during filming, he also makes you feel at ease in front of the camera.The finished product is professional and a true work of art.”

Kara Rockett-Arsenault, Board Director for Plumas Arts

“An artistic eye guides Diego Lozano’s choices of images to tell a story. Matching images with dialogue and music with mood, the story flows with exceptional clarity and captures the essence of the topic. Though not familiar with my my work as a shepherd and fiber artist, Diego skillfully watched and listened during our pre-filming meeting, and displayed creative insight when the filming began.

Being a subject in a Diego Lozano filming experience was immensely satisfying; I was guided through the entire process comfortably and professionally, and felt he accurately expressed the spirit of my artist life.”

Lorraine Neilson, Four Winds Farms

“I am kind of an introvert and camera shy. Diego made me comfortable with the process, and was great at coaxing out the material.  The whole piece came out very nice.  He is a class act pro at the video process.” 

~ Joe Winter,  Artist

“Plumas Rural Services had the pleasure of working with Diego on a community education campaign for our Domestic Violence Services Program.  Diego worked with program staff from concept to final product. He was professional with both our program staff and clients, ensuring they were comfortable in the process of sharing their personal and sometimes painful story. The end result was a very moving and compelling video.

We will use Diego for any further projects!”

Paula Johnston, Executive Director, Plumas Rural Services

My journey to film began through my love of skiing & guiding Film Professionals into the backcountry of Las Leñas, Argentina.

Here are few legends from that era:

“Working with Diego has made my trips to South America more successful and productive. His local knowledge and enthusiasm make every day into something special.”

Adam Clark – Photographer 

“Diego was the perfect guide for our crew of professional snowboarders and media. He took us to epic locations on the mountain we could have never found on our own and always had an alternate route in mind if things got too sketchy. He also guided us expertly off-snow into a great local scene where we were got to experience the snowboard culture beyond the discotheque. I trusted Diego when he said the chute didn’t cliff out…as much as I trusted him to guide us through the late-night charcoal-fired drinks and Asado.”

Annie Fast, Transworld Snowboarding Magazine

“It was a pleasure to scout the Val d’ Aran with Diego. I learned from his interpretation of the mountain and became amazed not only by his speed and proficiency on skis, but also of his ability to understand & remember dozens of shoots, jumps, and gulleys by skiing the only once. Diego is somebody you want to be with in those powder days when key decisions keep you safe. Skiing with Diego lets me enjoy the snow without worry.”

Edu Carrera, Founder Snow Play 

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