I worked with Plumas Arts to feature a series of local artists for their Plumas Artisan Made campaign, as well as a short promotional trailer.

One of my most recent projects was part of a 1.2 million dollar fundraising campaign to preserve a historical piece of land in the Feather River watershed, located in Northern California.

Save Olsen Barn

Plumas Arts Commission also hired me to collaborate on a fundraising campaign to save the Town Hall Theatre. This video was the cornerstone of their fundraising efforts and allowed the entire community to tell their story and show their support. The campaign had raised over $80,000 at last report.

I worked with a local community college to create a community awareness campaign around succession planning for local business. I documented three different pairs of mentors and their understudies. I also created a short promotional trailer for the college to share the program with other community colleges looking to replicate the program.

Another community awareness program, this video was  sponsored by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Blue of California, Verizon and Allstate Insurance, and featured survivors of Domestic Violence.

I partnered with the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show to create original content to share with the followers for my family travel blog Wild Child Travels.

This was a video to be used as call for submissions for an anthology of stories.


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