“People don’t buy what you’re selling;
They buy why you do it.”  

– Simon Sinek


I help people tell their story.
What gets  you out of bed in the morning, and why do you do what you do?

People connect to things through story and make decisions based on how they want to feel. I help you tell your story so that you reach the people that need you product, service or campaign.
I create a compelling and multi-sensory experience for the viewer, by pairing images with music and a storyline, that is able to transmit a shared feeling between the storyteller and his or her audience.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

How I work

I use professional, yet light weight equipment that is designed for travel and remote locations. I’m able to work in places that a larger, more bulky setup doesn’t allow. As an athlete, I’m also not afraid to scale a mountain or plunge into a canyon—whatever it takes to get the shot!

I’ve yet to meet a person that loves being able to be in front of the camera. I’m not working in Hollywood, here! As a people lover however, I consider it my job to help them forget about the camera and focus on telling their story.

About Me

Entirely self taught, my obsession with film and photography was born from my first love— big mountain skiing in Argentina.

As one of the few English-speaking local with first hand knowledge of the unpredictable terrain, I found my niche by guiding and scouting locations for professional skiers and film crews. 

This later led to an opportunity with ESPN Latin America, which would send me all over the world as TV host by day, and a skier in every other spare moment. Wanting to document my own stunts as well as my friends, I soaked up all the filming and post production editing techniques I could during my time with ESPN.

That was two decades ago, and my love affair with film hasn’t waned. 

I am currently based out of Oaxaca, Mexico, but travel frequently for client work and my own sanity.


Projects are as unique as the clients who order them. Contact me at darlozano<at>  gmail.com for a free customized quote.


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